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Policies of use

The Program Policies are important in order to provide a positive experience for all users. These policies should be consulted periodically, as they may undergo modifications. For more information, see also the Terms of Service of Kontrol-IT Internet Services, S.L .

Spam and bulk emails
Do not use to distribute unsolicited bulk or commercial emails.
The use of to send emails that violate Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI), General Law 32/2003 on Telecommunications (LGT) or other anti-spam laws, as well as such as the sending of unauthorized emails through open third-party servers, and the distribution of email addresses of people without their consent.
Automating the interface to send, delete or filter emails in a way that may mislead or confuse users is prohibited.
Keep in mind that the recipients of your messages may not share your concept of "unsolicited" or "spam" emails. Be cautious when sending emails to a large number of recipients, even if they have previously agreed to receive messages from you. When users mark your emails as spam, it increases the likelihood that our anti-misuse systems will also classify your future messages as spam.

Creation and use of multiple Accounts
Do not create or use several accounts to misuse the policies of Kontrol-IT Internet Services, SL, to avoid the limitations of accounts, to circumvent the filters or to violate in any other way the restrictions to which your account is submitted. For example: if another user has blocked you or if your account has been disabled due to inappropriate use, do not create another account for similar activities.
The creation of accounts through automatic means is also prohibited, as is the purchase, sale, marketing and resale of accounts to others.

Malicious software
Do not use to spread viruses, malicious software, worms, defects, Trojans, corrupted files or anything else of a destructive or fraudulent nature. Nor do you distribute content that harms or affects the operation of networks, servers or other infrastructures (both Kontrol-IT Internet Services, S.L. and others).

Fraud, spoofing and other deceptive practices
You must not access another user's account without their explicit authorization. Do not use to deceive other users and collect their data under false pretenses.
Please do not impersonate other people to use their login credentials, passwords, financial details or official identification numbers, or use as part of a scheme to scam anyone.

Protection of minors
Kontrol-IT Internet Services, S.L. has a zero tolerance policy for images of child sexual abuse. If we become aware of any such content, we will report it to the competent authorities as required by law. We may also take disciplinary action, including closure, against the accounts involved.

Respect copyright laws. Do not infringe the intellectual property rights of others, including patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and other proprietary rights. Encouraging or inducing other people to infringe intellectual property rights is also prohibited.

Do not use to harass, intimidate or threaten anyone. If we detect that someone uses for those purposes, we may disable their account and communicate these events to the legal authorities.

Illegal activities
Respect the current legislation. Do not use to promote and organize criminal activities, or to get involved in them.

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