Your exclusive email service

At we offer you the following services:

1) exclusive email service

- You will have an email address such as "" that will provide you with an excellent service and give you a differentiation from other free email services like Gmail (tm), Hotmail (tm), Yahoo ( tm), etc. You can choose from
dozens of email domains specially reserved by
- The standard capacity of your mailbox is 1 Gb. Enough to store a large number of emails for a long time. Of course, it is possible to extend this capacity if necessary.
- Access to your email account can be done from a browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) by webmail (accessing a web page) or by adding your account to Outlook (tm), Thunderbird (tm), Mailbird ( tm), etc. to manage your email from your PC / Mac / Linux with your favorite email client.
- Manage your email account from iOS (tm) or Android (tm) on your mobile phone or tablet.
- Total confidentiality of your email box. does not check or monitor your messages like most free email services do. Our business is the email service, not the advertising or your data.
- The data traffic between your computer and our servers is fully encrypted.
- Spam and antivirus filters to prevent malicious or harmful emails from being received in your mailbox.
Cloud storage service (fully encrypted) with (expandable) capacity of 100 Gb. Accessible from PC / Mac / Linux as well as from mobile devices.
- The price of this service is
€ 15 / year (or correspondence in your local currency).

2) Fully customizable email service with your own domain

- Same conditions as above except:
- You will have an email address of the style "" where you can fully customize your email address. You decide which domain you want and we take care (if available) of managing it and providing it to you.
- The price of this service is
€ 50 / year for the first account and € 15 / year for the following accounts (or correspondence in your local currency).

Get your new digital identity with all associated services here for just 15€/year (taxes included)