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Cloud Storage's Cloud Storage service offers its users a free 100 GB space to store any type of file. This space can be expanded if the user needs more storage in 100 GB increments.

To use this service you can access from:

The username and password is, by default, the same as to access the email account.

Web access
Using web access you have access to all the functionalities of the service including:

Windows, Mac, Linux Client and mobile Client

Using the Cloud Storage service with a client SW on a PC, a folder is created on the PC that contains everything that is stored in the user's main folder. In this way, it is possible to work on the user's computer with the files "locally" but synchronizing them with the cloud storage so that there are always two locations that contain the files, providing double security. On the other hand, if the user has multiple devices, the files are accessible from all of them.

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